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To submit your show profile, or to update an existing show profile, please provide the following information:

Show Name – Show Start Time

Show Description

A description of your show written for someone tuning in describing what they can expect to hear.

Please keep this short and concise. People want to quickly know what the show is about and why they should listen. Keep it to around 50 to 100 words. Anything longer will be summarised at the editor’s discretion. We also reserve the right to modify the description to meet acceptable spelling and grammar guidelines.

Presenter Name

Presenter Description

A quick description about who you are, what drives you and your interests. Also keep this to around 50 to 100 words.

Presenter Photo

A photo 180 pixels by 150 pixels in size. If it is not already this size, it will be re-sized.

This could be a picture of yourself or a show logo. However, it is recommended that you choose a picture of yourself as this provides the listener a more personal connection to the presenter rather than feeling distanced by a logo.

Photos should be suitable for display on the River FM 92.9 website.

Submit Show Profile

Email the above information to with the ‘Subject Line’ SHOW PROFILE.

Please be patient. We will add the show profiles as soon as practicable in the order we receive them.