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River FM 92.9 is a unique and diverse place and so are our shows and presenters. Find out more about them right here.


Want to swim against the current? Tune into the Green Scene – Tuesday 9am till Noon

Join Vanessa and Margy on Tuesday mornings for conversation on local happenings like poetry and protests, regional relevancies and global scientific discoveries. Listen for the occasional guest, giveaway and gardening advice. Share a coffee with us while we wend our way through a whimsical morning laced with eclectic music.


Vanessa & Margy

Whirled Music – Sunday 6pm

Program consists variously of Jazz and Blues and a variety of World and Contemporary Music.


Phil Hurst

About Phil Hurst:

An Ex Local ABC breakfast presenter. He worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and in Aussie Cinema, being an assistant director in Mad Max. He still loves movies.
Likes all music, from Classical and World Music to Jazz to Blues to Grunge and Punk.

Twenty years ago Phil suffered a virus that obliterated his short term memory restricting his life to a five minute island of the present, none of which he can ever remember. “Not even Franz Kafka could dream up this sort of hell,” he used to say, “it’s an ongoing existential sensory deprivation.”

Likes nothing better than to sit at a cafe and watch the passing parade of folk walking by.

Always loves to present on Radio.